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In a nutshell: Get the latest versions of your apps and drivers with minimal effort by resorting to this portable updater that is both feature-packed and approachable #Software Update Monitor #Update Checker #Update Finder #Update #Checker #Monitor #Updater

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  • [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for AMD Software
  • [Refactoring] OCCT company name rationalization
  • [Refactoring] "Hyperionics Technology" company name rationalization
  • [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "Thonny (64 bits)
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Keeping all your software up to date is a prerogative if you want to benefit from protection against threats as well as enjoy the advancements brought about by new versions. And while keeping track of changes your apps undergo could be quite a hassle, there are solutions to automate the entire process.

Portable SUMo is one such tool that helps you check your installed programs for updates and bring them to their latest version.

Portable updater boasting automatic detection

But let’s start by discussing the most obvious aspect related to this software utility, namely the fact that it is portable. What it means is that no entries are created in the Windows Registry, given the fact that no setup is required in order to start using the app.

Featuring automatic detection of applications installed on your system, Portable SUMo lists all found products in a list that includes their name, the company they belong to, their version, and details in regard to possible updates. Note that all this info can be exported to a text file or a spreadsheet for later use.

Comes with automatic self-update and Beta filtering

It is also worth pointing out that editing the list of monitored programs is an option, and scanning folders is possible as well. Aside from that, irrelevant updates can be ignored either individually or in bulk.

As for how Portable SUMo helps you decide which updates are worth your attention, you may want to know that a classification based on their importance can be inspected at the top of the main window.

Other notable features Portable SUMo provides users with include the possibility of authorizing Beta versions, resorting to the automatic self-update system, as well as accessing the software developer’s website directly in order to grab the update. Last but not least, it should be said that functionality dedicated to drivers updates is integrated as well.

Feature-packed tool keeping your apps and drivers in tip-top shape 

On an ending note, Portable SUMo is an update checker that should come in handy if you are in need of a tool that manages to find a balance between a powerful set of features and ease of use. The program lets you effortlessly handle all the updates issued for your installed apps and drivers while boasting some extra goodies that should make the entire interaction with the tool easy as pie.

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Portable SUMo

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